Selasa, 05 April 2011

Ciel Phantomhive and His Demon Butler

Hi guys,,,

I just want to share about manga that I read recently. The manga was written by Yana Toboso entitled "Black Butler" in Indonesia or "Kuroshitsuji" In Japan.

The story was about a 12 years old boy (Earl Ciel Phantomhive) who came from a noble family in England (in 19th century). He lived alone in a manor house with only his butler (Sebastian Michaelis) and 3 other servants.

Sebastian was a perfect butler for Ciel. Too perfect that it was impossible for him to be a human. He was indeed a demon who had a contract with Ciel. He had to help Ciel to achieve his goals (one of them is to find out the reason behind his family's murder), in return, Ciel had to give his soul as the payment.

The story was amazingly complicated. It was very creative how the writer put the dark story side by side with humour.

Moreover, the anime (season 1 and season 2) based on the manga are also available. I've been searching it from the internet for the whole week, because it is pretty difficult to find the link (most of them had been removed from the sites). But here I'll share the links where I think are still available:

I do hope that my information can be helpful for you ^_^

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