Senin, 03 Oktober 2011


I recently read a saga (the story is available in 10 series of novel) entitled PENDRAGON. The first time I read the tittle, I was thinking about Arthurian Legend (About the famous story of King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot and his advisor, Merlin the Warlock), but clearly I was wrong. You can say that I read the novel out of curiosity, and I didn't expect to enjoy the story. Well, I was wrong again I suppose. Without even realizing it, I was drawn to the story (It took the first 3 series of the story to actually realized that I was fall in love with the adventure and the characters). So, I'll try to make a general idea to picture the story:

There was a teenager named Robert Pendragon, although everyone called him Bobby Pendragon or just "Bobby". He was fifteen years old, quite famous at school, and athletic for his age. The night before his final basketball game, a girl named Courtney came and suddenly revealed her interest toward him. She also said that she had a feeling that if she hadn't told him now, she wouldn't have a chance anymore in the future. The cryptic thing happened when Bobby's uncle named Press Tilton came to Bobby and said "There are some people who need your help". In short, Press took Bobby away from his home, friends, family, and even his old life to a different Teritory named Denduron where the people were primitive, and a conflict between two tribes was about to come to a war. He was needed to prevent the war from happening, and to save humanity. But how could he even survive in a different planet that had three suns?

Each book contains a story about Bobby's adventure in a teritory as a Traveler. Throughout the adventures, Bobby would find friendship, love, brotherhood, pain, betrayal, and the answers to all of his questions, including who he is, his family's whereabout, and why he was chosen as the Lead Traveler in the first place. I thing the novels, written by D.J MacHale, are worth reading.

Enjoy ^_^
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