Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

Penguin Revolution Volume 1

Yukari Fujimaru, a 15 year old girl who have magical ability to see "wings" on the back of several people, rescued her beautiful senior, Ryoko Katsuragi from a naughty boy. Since then, Yukari found out Ryoko's secret that she actually was a boy named Ryo Katsuragi, a penguin level actor at Peacock Agency. Yukari became Ryo's manager and helped him to achieve higher level at his job. But in order to do that, she had to live in Ryo's apartment, where he lived with Makoto Ayaori, a top actor and a number 1 at Peacock Agency; his rival and friend. Then funny things happened...

Amazing story. Ryo and Ayaori are both sooo handsome....I fell in love in an instant ^_^

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