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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (by Judy Blume)

Paperback, 120 pages
Publisher: Scholastic
Printed in September 2003
ISBN: 0-439-55986-3
This edition is only available for distribution through the school market

I got this book in a secondhand bookshop in Semarang for only IDR 15.000,- and I didn't actually looking for this book. Since, it was Judy Blume's, so why not? I thought. It stayed on top of my book-pile for several months before I read it (I was having a break from fantasy, my favorite genre so far) and surprise..surprise...I loved it from the first paragraph.

Peter Warren Hatcher, a fourth grade boy who won a turtle from Jimmy Fargo's birthday party was so happy. He named it 'Dribble'. He thought he deserved a pet because he was a big boy and totally responsible, although his Mom didn't like the smell of it. She always said 'I don't like the way he smells' which was so silly since of course Dribble smelled like turtle..he was supposed to smell like turtle. Peter's Dad worked in an advertising company, and his little brother a three-year-old toddler named Farley Drexel Hatcher was considered the biggest problem in his life.

See the text taken from the book below:

Everybody calls him Fudge. I feel sorry for him if he's going to grow up with a name like Fudge, but I don't say a word. It's none of my business.
   Fudge is always in my way. He messes up everything he sees. And when he gets mad he throws himself flat on the floor and he screams. And he kicks. And he bangs his fists. The only time I really like him is when he's sleeping. He sucks four fingers on his left hand and make slurping noise.

The story is very unique since it was told from Peter's point of view as the first person. Thus making it childish, innocent, honest, and everything you can expect from a fourth-grader journal. It is amazing how we can understand a thorough expressions and feelings of a little boy through such simple phrases and sentences. It really reminds me of my childhood. I really can relate to Peter's situation because I have a little brother too...and I remember a bunch of silly situations with my little brother (just like Peter and Fudge) that made me upset years ago, yet I can think of with fondness right now.

There was a part that really stuck in my head was when Peter and his two friends got an assignment, and he had to make a poster (which he kept in his bedroom, under the bed). I don't know why, but I just could see him, nearly burst in tears, with a sinking feeling in his stomach when he found out that his poster was ruined by his little brother. Ohhh, the feeling... I almost cried because I remember...*pause*...oh forget it. I got carried away.

By the way...if I have to give stars...then 4,5 out of 5! Yeayy!!!

PS. This post is written as a requirement of Posting Bareng BBI Children Literature.

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  1. love love judy blume...never read this one though. would love to read it sometime.


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