Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

Once Upon A Time with Bebi

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved reading books. She fell in love with fiction since as long as she could remember. At the age of nine, while other children asked for nintendo, tamagochi, or barbie, the little girl simply asked for books. Since then, her mother bought or rented books for her from time to time.

Time goes by, and the little girl was not so little anymore. But there was one thing that she always had: her undying love for books. Even when she couldn’t buy them herself, she would rent from nearby library or borrow them from her school friends (and sometimes beg and do additional chores in order to get more pocket money from her parents—anything for books). Of course by being a nerd, the girl also suffered from a common side effect for someone who loves books: an ambition in writing

This went through several stages:
Stage One à Paper-based writing. In this atage, the little girl wrote in almost anything she could find; including diaries, school properties (table or board), and even friends’ properties (she was actually ashamed to say this).
Stage Two à Computer-based writing. In her college days, the girl found a new way to write. She was so thrilled since the internet also allowed her writing to be accessible by anyone. Here, she made her first blog. But she had a problem: she didn’t know what to write in it. So her solution was putting everything that came to her mind in it. Frankly speaking, her blog was not organized at all.
Stage Three à Organized computer-based writing. The girl wanted to thank her friend and mentor in blogging, “kakak Lila”, because she played a big role in influencing her to organize her blog. The girl also realized that since she loved books a lot, why didn’t she make her blog into something more specific? Since then, her old blog specified in “about books”.

Not even a day after the rebirth of her blog, her other friend, “kakak Tezar” recommended her blog to be a new member of Blogger Buku Indonesia (BBI). The funny thing was she didn’t even know when her blog officially became a member of BBI (she got the notification several hours later on the same day), all thanks to kakak Tezar. She was so grateful to know Bebi and loads of new friends in BBI. And the girl lived happily ever after.
---The End---

Ps. And finally, can you guess what the girl was doing right about now? Yup, the girl was busy typing in her laptop, writing a story entitled “Once Upon A Time with Bebi” to celebrate "Blogger Day" by doing #postingbareng, theme: #gabungBBI.
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