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Review: The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus #3) by Rick Riordan

I read all Percy Jackson series in English (the e-book version), so I guess to make it fair, I should write my review in English too.

The story is about the Quest of seven demigods of a prophecy, and their journey through the Mare Nostrum or Mediterannean Sea. There are four demigods of Camp Half-Blood (Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Leo Valdez, and Piper—sorry I forgot her last name) and 3 demigods of Camp Jupiter (Jason, Frank Zhang, and Hazel—now, I forgot Jason’s and Hazel’s last names too! Terrific!). So anyway, the story starts with the long-awaited reunion of Percy and Annabeth (which is quite funny, actually). Annabeth and her team (Leo, Jason, Piper) come to Camp Jupiter by Argo II, a war ship built by Leo the son of Hephaestus. They are welcomed by the Romans and their praetor, Reyna the daughter of Bellona, Roman godess of war. Unfortunately, in the middle of Reyna and Annabeth’s civil discussion about the two camps, Leo (possessed by an eidolon) starts a war by attacking the Romans in the New Rome from Argo II. Thus, the seven demigods of the prophecy are forced to leave New Rome and Camp Jupiter with two missions: find the Mark of Athena and save Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades; with the angry Romans on their tale seeking revenge.

Of course, being demigods, things are never easy for them. They meet many obstacles, gods and people they’ve never met before—including Baccus (Roman form of Dionyssus), Nemesis, Keto, Phorcys, Narcissus, and Hercules. Yeah, you read it right: Hercules! They also have a major problem regarding twin giants they must face in the end—since a giant can only be killed by a demigod and a god working together. The gods, however, cut their communications with their children, the demigods, since they have identity crisis of Roman and Greek (this is silly, actually); and the three gods that are not affected by this phenomenon are the god of wine, the godess of revenge, and the godess of love. Major problem is also waiting for them because Gaea is behind this all, very close to be awaken from her forced slumber.

I really enjoyed Leo’s and Percy’s naration. Those two can think weirdest yet brilliant plans in a crisis to save them from danger. Those two characters are immensely funny too! Love them so much! But sometimes I got bored when reading through Jason or Piper’s naration.

There are several Percy and Annabeth moments together. I think they are cute and funny, so Rick should write about them more. But the stable scene, the lunch date, and the eternal fall are so great. I cried a little reading the eternal fall scene. Why? Oh why??? Well, but at least we know that the next book, the House of Hades will focus on Percy and Annabeth’s adventure in tartarus.

My favorite part (the eternal fall)—SPOILER ALERT (don’t like, don’t read!):
            Percy tightened his grip on Annabeth’s wrist. His face was gaunt, scraped and bloody, his hair dusted with cobwebs, but when he locked eyes with her, she tought he had never looked more handsome.
            “We’re staying together,” he promised. “You’re not getting away from me. Never again.”
            Only then did she understand what would happen. A one-way trip. A very hard fall.
            “As long as we’re together,” she said.
            She heard Nico and Hazel screaming for help. She saw the sunlight far, far above—maybe the last sunlight she would ever see.
            Then Percy let go of his tiny ledge, and together, holding hands, he and Annabeth fell into the endless darkness.

A Little Bit About the Author (Rick Riordan)
Richard Russel "Rick" Riordan was born on June 5, 1964. He was graduated from University of Texas at Austin in 1986, double-majoring in English and Social Studies. Some of his published books including the Percy Jackson series, the Kane Chronicles series, and the Heroes of Olympus series.

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