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Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs [review]

Title : Oh. My. Gods. (book #1)
Author: Tera Lynn Childs
Genre: Young Adult, Teen, Fantasy, Greek Mythology
Pages: 264
Published: 2008
Format: e-book
My rating : 4/5

"They're pouting," Nicole says, back to her old snarky self just as quickly as she felt.
"They're not pouting," he argues. "They're gods. They don't need to pout." 
(from chapter 5)

Phoebe loves running. She feels closer to her dead father when she's running. It brings back memories of when they used to run together o the beach, with soft and warm sands below their feet.

Everything happened one day in the finish line of the cross-country marathon in California, her home. Phoebe was the first to reach the line...and there she stood next to her bestfriends, her beaming mother, just got back home from Greece two days earlier with a Greek fiance!! This lead to an emotional Phoebe moving to a remote island in Greece to live with her mother and stepfather, and an evil stepsister Stella. And who moved to a new school in a senior year, anyway?

Phoebe's new school, The Academy, was unlike any other schools. It was centuries old, and only accepted one kind of students: descendants of the Greek gods. Eventhough she met new awesome friends and had a crush on the jerk but handsome Griffin, she felt isolated from the world. She didn't fit in because she was different from other students: she was not a descendant of any Greek god. How could she survive a year in this school? She couldn't wait to leave the island and go to university.

This book magically saved me from my prolonged reading slump, hahahaaa..... 

Truthfully, the plot of a school for Greek heroes? It sounds very Percy Jacksony. But despite the similarities, this novel is very different from Percy Jackson because the story is more "girly". It talks a lot about teenage angsts of moving for her senior year, being separated with her BFF, and a crush on a very handsome and popular boy who is kind of a jerk who has a blond and annoying girlfriend. Yeah, not a very original plot. But.... despite all those. I enjoyed this book immensely. Maybe it was more psychological, because I was in a very bad reading slump, so I needed a light reading material to bring me back to the surface. And eventhough the surprise ending is not a surprise for me (I could guess the plot, LOL), I don't think it is a big problem as long as the story is still enjoyable. This book is not a book of full suspense, but this book is a book that can make you feel good after reading it. And when reading this book.... please don't compare this to Percy Jackson because you'll feel disappointed when you do. Enjoy :)

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