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Winter by Marissa Meyer [review]

Title: Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4)
Author: Marissa Meyer
824 pages
First published: 2015
Genre: sci-fi, dystopia, romance
My rating: 4/5

"I would be honored to die in service of my country." -- Emperor Kaito
After the big 'kidnapping' mission in the end of book three, the final of the saga started with the nice and peaceful life aboard the rampion. Kai and Cinder developed a lovey dovey relationship, despite the war between Earth and Luna. The happy atmosphere was increased by Carswell Thorne's miraculeous comeback of his eyesight. Sadly, it was also the time for Kai to return to Earth to take back his place as the Emperor and take care of his people in the middle of a devastating war.

Thorne piloted Kai back to the Eastern Commonwealth, and (this is one of my favorite part, because you can practically feel the bromance oozing from the pages) had a man-to-man and heart-to-heart conversation. I love this scene so much because I've been dying to se some bromance or friendship between the male characters, and finally! Finally it happened in the last book. Thank you, Ms. Meyer. Yes, I know I'm weird that way. Okay, moving on...

Their plan to stop the war was simple: Kai would try to convince Levana to have the royal wedding on Luna, and he would smuggle Cinder and the crew to Luna. From there, Cinder would try to gain trust from the citizen of Luna and take back the crown with the support of the people of Luna. Simple, ringht? Yeah, right.... (yes, I'm being synical). The plan had many loopholes of course, and everything did not work out as smooth as they planned...but you have to read it yourself to get the feel of the story.

Meanwhile, on Luna, Levana's step daughter (Winter) was rumored to have a natural beauty without glamour: lips as red as rose petals, hair as dark as the night sky and as silk as the silk....remember those? Yes, the famous fairy tale of Snow White. But the most interesting is, winter did not have the skin the colour of snow!!! An epic and beautiful twist, if I may say, bravo, Ms. Meyer. For the first time in history, Snow White was not pictured as white. Anyway, Winter vowed to stop using glamour several years back because she thought it was not right to use it. The problem was, when you stop using something you were born with, you would not be as healthy as you should be. In short, Winter had crazy halucination and sometimes she could not differenciate between reality and halucination. She should take a page out of Peeta Mellark from Hunger Games, I say. Real or not real? Ups...hehe... Well, basically, Winter tried to help Cinder and defy her stepmother despite her lack of grap in reality.

To be honest, after reading such a wonderful third book (Cress), this finale seemed a little 'go around the bush'. The pace of the story is not as fast as I like it to be. The best thing about reading a sequel is the characters; they are usually very well-developed. But I have to say, I do not like Wolf, Winter, and Jacin's character very much. They tend to focus more on themselves and their love life than the bigger picture of the war. I know it is human nature, self-preservation, but still...I don't have to like them, right?

Another thing that disturbed me was the similarity between this book and the classic fairy tale of Snow White was a little forced and a little too much. I know it is a fairy tale retelling, but there is a term of 'too much retelling'. It happened in this book and in the second book.

Despite all that, I really like the hidden meaning behind the saga. All the characters are from different places, different backgrounds, different skin colors, and different races...but they interact with each other without batting an eyelid, like those silly things do not matter, like we all are the same in the future....well, of course you have to forgive the glamour issues of Luna and the cyborg thingy that lead the story to all these drama of manipulation and discrimination, hahahaaa....

Over all, these series are some of the best sci-fi books I read in 2015. Enjoy... ^_^

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