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Every Boy's Got One #Boy3 by Meg Cabot

Paperback, 328 pages
Published by Pan Macmillian, 2005
Language: English

Jane Harris, cartoonist and creator of Wundercat comic, was very excited to be asked by her best friend (Holly Caputo)'s maid of honour in Italy, when she was eloping with her long-term boyfriend, Mark Levine.

It was supposed to be an enjoyable vacation for Jane until she met the best man of Mark's choice: journalist Cal Langdon who didn't believe in a successful marriage. It was hate at first sight for both Cal and Jane, and it was a nightmare for both of them to share a house in an Italian countryside where someone has to walk down the road to the electronic gate to find the fuse box and turn the power back on because you apparently could not turn on the electronic stove while the light was on (this reminds me of my grand's house *grins*).

The plot was very classic, actually, with the maid of honour and the best man as the main characters, I think most of the readers can guess where the story ends. Plus a very cliche pattern of "turning hate into love". Yet despite the cliche, Ms.Cabot could turn it into a very hilarious and interesting story that I enjoyed thoroughly.

This is the third book of the Boys series, and I actually didn't read the second book (*smiles shyly*) but if I had to compare, I definitely would choose the first book over the third. Why? I was a little disappointed by the ending of the book since the characters seemed to suddenly jump from hate to love. I mean one minute they hated each other, and because of Jane's travel diary that was accidentally read by Cal, and booommm...they loved each other to the point that they extended their vacation in Italy. But thumb's up for the overall story, anyway :)

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