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REVIEW: Believe by Victoria Alexander [Books in English RC#1]

I read this book as a part of my involvement in Books in English Reading Challenge, so I thing it goes without saying that I read the English version of this book.
Tessa St.James was not a believer. She was a 26 years old quasi professor in a University in the States. She taught Greek Mythology and planned on having a vacation to Greece in 3 weeks. But she never got the chance to have a vacation because she was thrown back through time and space to the Middle Ages, to the things that she believed were only myth and legends: Camelot.

Merlin the Wizard Extraordinaire and Counselor to Kings put Tessa on a quest with a Knight named Galahad (Lancelot's son) in a search for the Grail. Galahad was reluctant to have Tessa on his quest since never before a mere women went on a quest. Yet Tessa was adamant to prove that she was not a mere woman. They faced a dragon, Mordred, Merlin's wive Viviane, and their forbidden love. Could their love survive through time and space after Tessa went back to the 21st century?

I give 2,8 stars out of five! The story is light, and you can read it just for fun. It is not a story that you will find to be your most favorite of all time, but it is enough to give you pleasure. Although the idea of the story was great, but the story itself was lack of suspense and originality. It is too bad for a great plot to end with cliche.

This book has been translated to Bahasa Indonesia by Melody Violine, and published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama with the title Believe: Ksatria dari Masa Lalu. Here is the cover:
Personally, I like the Indonesian cover better since it shows a knight in a shinning armor, but yeah, that's probably just my bias preference as a girl :D

Here is the review I took from goodreads:
Sebagai gadis abad 21, Tessa St. James tidak memercayai keberadaan Arthur dan para Kesatria Meja Bundar. Baginya legenda Arthur tak lebih dari dongeng pengantar tidur...hingga ia ditarik melintasi waktu untuk menjalankan misi bersama Galahad.

Sebagai kesatria abad pertengahan, Galahad tak mau membawa wanita dalam misinya - meski wanita itu berasal dari negeri jauh dan berbeda dengan wanita mana pun yang pernah ditemuinya. Tapi Arthur dan Merlin telah menentukan segalanya dan Galahad pun harus tunduk. Dalam perjuangan mereka memecahkan teka-teki, membunuh naga, dan mengalahkan penyihir, Tessa membuktikan dirinya kepada sang kesatria. Galahad kemudian belajar memercayai Tessa dengan nyawanya, namun akankah ia memercayai Tessa dengan hatinya?
 So, enjoy reading this book, guys! ^_^

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