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Vampire Academy (by Richelle Mead)

 I read this book just out of curiosity. Well, at least it's not as boring as the last fiction book I read, no offense.

Ok, so the setting is in a boarding school named St.Vladimir, where Moroi and Dhampir are educated. Moroi basically is a term for vampire. But the interesting part is that they are just another species, just like human; they get married, they have family, they give birth to their children, they get sick, and they die. Dhampir is a term for half-Moroi. The funny thing is, female dhampir can give birth to dhampir children, but male dhampir cannot have babies. So U can imagine that female dhampirs need male Moroi to produce another dhampir. Because of this funny fact, the Guardian system is built. Dhampir guardians protect Moroi.

Rose is a dhampir guardian novice in St.Vladimir Academy. She has a "bond" with her Moroi best friend, who happens to be a princess, Vasilisa (Lissa) Dragomirs. The "bond" between Moroi and guardian is an old legend, started with St.Vladimir himself and his Guardian, Anna, thousands years ago. So why do Rose and Lissa have it now?
It turns out that Rose can sort of feel and read Lissa's emotions, and Lissa has unimaginable power to bring the deads back into the living. But this fact can be boomerang for them. Another royal try to hurt Rose and kidnap Lissa because of her healing power.

The beginning of the story is a bit boring actually, because the pace is soooooo slow. It's like reading in a slow motion, and it happens in the first half of the book. Thankfully, the last half is better. The pace is faster, and the suspense is growing. It's not bad to have a character like Dimitri, a badass god guardian slash Rose's mentor (Rose has a crush on him). The twist is pretty good in the end, but not really surprising. And the plus point is the main characters are both heroes, they try very hard to get what they want, and they protect each other. I'll consider to read the sequel, I think the story will be better in the next book, but who knows? Anyway, this book is still worth reading.

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