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My Life in Books [a Book Tag]

Dear my big sister Lila,

Allow me to apologize for taking such a long time in making this post after being forcefully tagged in your blog My Book Corner  . I know that it has been ages since the unavoidable tag, but let me just fulfill my duty as an allegedly-tagged-party. Since a wise person said to me once that it is better late than never. Thus, I present to you..... (*insert a dramatic music here*) ...."My Life in Books"...!!!

1. Find a book of each your initial

I have a short name, started with the pretty letter "K", and I just love the shape and curve of the letter. Isn't it gorgeous. Sorry, got sidetracked a bit there. Here we go, the book with my initial:
It is a book by an Indonesian author about an eighteen-years-old girl who was found after being the only witness to a tragic robbery at her uncle's house in Bandung. I haven't had the chance to read this book yet even though I've already had this book sitting quietly on my bookshelves *oops*

2. Count your age along your book shelf: What book is it?

If you think this question will reveal my age, well, think again. On second thought, don't think about my age at all because I am forever frozen in my seventeen-years-old body. It happened quite a long time ago. I was a princess in a far-far-away kingdom. We had a long-standing war with the trolls and we were defenseless against them as mere mortals. And in order to save my beloved people in my precious kingdom, I sacrificed my humanity to gain immortality and....

Okay...okay...I'm rambling, hahahaa..... Anyway, I often rearrange my books based on my mood (read to to-be-read or even thick to thin). But this is the book that happened to be there when I counted my age:
This is a companion book from one of my favorite series all the time Percy Jackson. And I think you should read the series first before attempting to read this book.

3. Pick a book set in your city/state/country

I live in Purwokerto, Banyumas, Indonesia. Actually, it is kind of hard to find a book with Purwokerto as the setting since it is only a small town and all that... so, I think Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk by Ahmad Tohari is the best choice for this list, since the author is from Banyumas (same with me, yeay.... *dance*), and of course its setting is my beloved island and country. I also have this book somewhere in my bookshelves and shamefully admit that I haven't read it at all *hiding in embarrassment*

4. Pick a book that represents a destination you would like to travel to

If you ask me about my fantasy-world-destination, the answer is of course the Magical World and Hogwarts to be more specific. But if you ask me about my real-world-destination, then the answer it England and Scotland. And someday....I'll be there to take my Ph.D (*lifting a fist into the air with tears streaming down my cheeks and dramatic music ascending in the background*). You can blame Harry Potter series for those destinations since it is my favorite series of all time, heheheee....

5. Pick a book that is your favorite color

I don't know why I like books that look old, especially the kinds with leather-bindings and look like a classic and with simple lettering. And this book happens to be the one that I like most (judging from the cover design) that is sitting on my bookshelves. I know it is paperback and it has nothing compared to the beautiful leather-bindings that I adore very much, but it looks like a leather-binding, hahahaaaa.... I know I'm weird that way ;p

Oh....and I don't have favorite color. My favorite color changes depends on my mood, so...yeah... *hides behind a pillow*

6. Which book do you have the fondest memory of?
I was in elementary school, and I just moved into a new house. My mother borrowed this book along with many other books from the school library where she was teaching. She did it all the the time for me. I remembered a very nice afternoon sitting in my new bedroom by this giant window and flipping through the pages, immersed and enchanted by the story. So yeah, I have a very fond memory of this book...even though I don't remember the story anymore, hahahaaa.....

But I don't want to re-read it, because as I remember from my last experience of reading one of my childhood books, it kinds of ruined the memory of the book. So let the memory be just a memory, eh? The past is in the past...let it goooo.....*singing Frozen OST*

7. Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?
This book gave me a headache. This is one of the legendary classics and many people love it. I tried soooo hard to like this book. I read the e-book version and also listened to the audiobook version, and.... I managed to fall asleep everytime. And you know it is really really difficult to read a book when that particular book always lulls you to sleep, right? Oh, and you can read my review here .

8. Which in your TBR  pile will give you the biggest sense of achievement?
I say it was a miracle when I got this book in a local bookstore with a reasonable price. I didn't even think twice when I brought this baby to the cashier. Of course I've already browsed the book, and I read one or two famous play. But I haven't had the chance to really sit and read the full content of this book. And I definitely will....someday..... *crossing my fingers*

This is the end of the book tag, and once again, I am soooo sorry it took me several months to finally post it, hahahahaa.... don't hate me, please, mbak Lila ;p

And lastly, in order to continue the sacred line of tag, hereby I solemnly swear to tag these people:
  1. Sany from the blog Jar of Inspirations 
  2. Lia from the blog Magentaurora 
  3. Opan from the blog Kandang Baca 
  4. Dion from the blog Baca Biar Beken
  5. Everyone who reads this post and has a book-blog, congratulations, you are automatically tagged!!!!!! mwahahahahahaaaaaa *evil laugh* 
And if you make this book tag, you are welcome to put the link of your book tag in the comments below :)

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  1. Errr.... itu katarsis wes mbok woco, ka? #gayakinakuuuu wkwkwkwk

    1. Itu Katarsis sama RDP termasuk buku2 yang "sudah sangat diniatkan akan dibaca sampai selesai", jadi kumasukkan mbak. Nggak papa lah yaaa, ngahahahaaaa..... ;p

  2. No I'm gonna pretend I don't read this post *runs*

    1. Unfortunately, IT CANNOT BE UNSEEN...!!! It will haunt you foreverrrrrr..... ngahahahaaaaaaaa ;D

  3. Aku sukaaa Katarsis!!! Meski taon kemaren males bikin ripiunya xD
    Semoga kesampaian ngambil Ph.D-nya ya, Ika ^^

    Anyway I also love Dracula's cover to the point it's the only book that keeps haunting meeee. Serem-serem gimanaaa gitu sampulnya xD

    1. Amiin, makasih kak Linda :)

      Iyaaaaa itu cover Dracula yang itu emang keren abis, sengaja beli karena covernya, buat dikoleksi, padahal sudah pernah baca heheheee...


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