Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Prophecy of the Sisters (Michelle Zinc)

format: e-book
page: 251

Okay, confession's here. I read the book because of the interesting cover (the one published in Indonesia, at least). The cover was amazing, twin girls in the close up with dazzling blue eyes for one, and brilliant green orbs for the other. You know what, every time I passed that book in a bookstore, I would grab it and admire the cover while wondering weather or not the story is as stunning as the cover.

Then I happened to have the e-book version and read it. The story starts with the funeral of the twins' father. Lia Milthrope, the main character (since the story is told from Lia's point of view) lived only with her twin sister, Alice Milthrope, younger brother Henry, and Virginia as their aunt and guardian after the death of their father, Thomas Milthrope. Lia found an ancient book in the library about the prophecy of the sisters and their roles as the Guardian and the Gate. It turned out that the prophecy was true, and Lia and Alice were parts of it.

Lia, the gentle and polite one, assumed that she played role as the Guardian, the one to guard her sister from doing the bad thing, to guard the world from the apocalypse. Alice, on the other hand was reckless and impolite fitted the role of the Gate, who would allow the devil to enter the world and bring chaos. But everything didn't seem like it did. The role was reversed. How were they supposed to fulfill their roles? Did they have choices? Did the prophecy must be fulfilled?

The thing that I understand from this book is that the fight the two girls have againts destiny. Their role had been written long before they were born, but they were willing to do the exact opposite.
It is our choice that matters most, more than our role, written in an old legend under the name of destiny. But why does the book make me sleepy? The idea of the story is okay I think, but the dialog is a bit boring. The characters are too flat, like they are some random girls forced with dialogs. I mean, the characters do not really show their characteristics, isn't that funny? And there are almost no suspense at all, except the end part where Alice killed Henry yet helped Lia. That part, as far as I know, is the best part of the book. It shows emotions, while I can't even recall the main character shows any real emotion so far, although she was forced to face cruel situations. Basically, it's not as good as I expected.

So moral value: don't judge a book by its cover hehee...


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